Check tides and beach conditions at Cooloola

Issued: 19 Dec 2018

Don't drive on the dunes – avoid damage to your vehicle and the environment.

Don't drive on the dunes—avoid damage to your vehicle and the environment.

Big tides are likely to make Teewah Beach north of Noosa impassable at times during the Christmas–New Year break, and drivers are being reminded the dunes are not an alternative route.

High tide on Boxing Day at 10:50am will coincide with major travel times on Teewah Beach.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) Ranger Erin Atkinson is reminding visitors to travel 2–3 hours either side of low tide, and to look after their vehicle and the environment.

"Sleep in a bit longer and come a few hours later, as sections of beach are likely to be impassable at high tide," Ms Atkinson said.

"Driving on the dunes is not permitted, and rangers can issue $261 on-the-spot fines.

"Rangers will be using online park alerts, phone messages and signage to alert drivers.

"Extra rangers will be on hand, as well as electronic signage at key points such as near the Tewantin ferry.

"QPWS will send SMS alerts about the high tides to visitors who have booked vehicle permits or camping permits over the high-risk period.

"We want everyone to have a great Christmas and New Year. We are doing what we can, working with Police and the community, but ultimately it’s up to visitors to keep themselves safe.

"Every driver needs to check conditions before coming to Cooloola, and obey lawful directions from rangers and police once there. Avoid damaging your vehicle and the beach and dunes. Let’s keep Cooloola beautiful for the next generation.

"Driving on sand dunes to avoid high tides is dangerous, and it’s prohibited. If there is not enough space to drive between the water and the dunes, turn back and wait. At Easter 2018, many drivers failed to check tide times and beach conditions and drove on the dunes, causing serious damage," Ms Atkinson said.

More information is on park alerts and the Cooloola conditions report at