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A transitional environmental program is a specific program that, when approved, achieves compliance with the Environmental Protection Act 1994 for the matters dealt with by the program by either (a) reducing environmental harm; or (b) detailing the transition to an environmental standard; or (c) detailing the transition of the activity to comply with—(i) a condition of an environmental authority for the activity; or (ii) a development condition; or (iii) a prescribed condition for carrying out a small scale mining activity; or (iv) an agricultural ERA standard that applies to an agricultural ERA. After the first two hours, assessment of a TEP application incurs an hourly rate (the hourly rate does not apply to assessing an amendment application). Assessment includes the annual return process and any inspections or monitoring that may need to occur as a direct result of the TEP. Hours of assessment can be spread throughout the TEP period. Assessment fees will be invoiced with the Notice of approval and subsequently at the annual return date each year.

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