Why work with us?

Why work with us? Because we recognise the enormous benefits that the environment, science and empowering our youth can contribute to Queenslanders now and into the future. We value a truly diverse and inclusive workplace. For us, that starts with respecting the natural and cultural values of First Nations peoples, with whom we seek to partner and learn from in all that we do.

Our team is as unique as the landscape of this state. Together, we bring a tapestry of life experiences that help us navigate the nuances of our responsibilities. For many of our employees, that means fascinating and fulfilling work, and experiences they’ll never forget.

At our best, we put up our hands for unfamiliar projects, we work with others to bring a shared vision to life, and we step up to make the most of every single day—for ourselves, for each other and for Queensland.

Image of Erin Witten (second from right)

Erin Witten (second from right)

A career that matters. A contribution that counts.

Our work can be complex and challenging—important work usually is! But your contribution will count and so will you.

With each day delivering a new challenge, we asked our team why they choose a career with the department. Here’s what they said:

If you’re passionate about leveraging your skills to protect and improve this beautiful part of the world, why not explore a career with us?

A purpose and a challenge that matter

Here, you’ll be inspired to make Queensland better. We are here to enable long-term, sustainable decisions for the environment and the economy, and to empower Queensland’s youth. Our team understands and embraces the importance of our work but also the complexity of the challenge. It can be a difficult, and at times unpopular, role.

It can also mean setting aside your own preferences and ideals. And yes, we have our fair share of process and paperwork. But it is work that truly matters, perhaps even more so because it’s hard.

Photo of Josh Radloff

Josh Radloff

Everyone has a stake in the environment. Our role as a department is to balance the needs of a variety of stakeholders and make the tough decisions with a view to achieving the best outcome for everyone. Our roles require level-headedness, genuine consultation and resilience in the face of change and competing priorities.

Here's what our people tell us about working with us:

  • “Science and the environment... Our work is for Queenslanders—now and into the future.”
  • “Our role is to deliver value to the public. We understand the bigger picture and our role in that.”
  • “My husband asked me, “Why government?” I said, “I want to make a difference.”
  • “We often have people applying to work with us who want to save the planet—but we’re trying to balance and mitigate environmental impact; it’s a complex endeavour.”
  • “Everyone has a vested interest in the environment. We need to balance such a huge variety of stakeholders, each with specific interests. This is a challenge, but it makes my role very interesting.”

Whether it be protecting ecosystems across our exquisite national parks or waterways, using the latest science to inform environmental policies, or helping young Queenslanders see a future with limitless possibilities, we make progress. Will you join us and amplify your skills and contribute to the bigger picture? Explore our current opportunities and apply today.

Passionate, positive, down-to-earth people

Our people are amazing! They’re dedicated, passionate and curious professionals. They’re also down-to-earth pragmatists who care, innovate and laugh together. There’s a strong culture of respect here. We’re all different, and those differences are what make us great.

Photo of Jackie Collins

Jackie Collins

We seek to proactively embrace First Nations peoples’ culture and we’re proud to be making it safe to bring your authentic self to work. And our people tell us they love the company they keep.

Here's what our people tell us about working with us:

  • “It’s like a big family. People look out for each other and openly assist colleagues when they’re struggling.”
  • “The people in the department really are incredibly passionate about their work.”
  • “The people make my job what it is. We have a diverse group of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience. It’s cool to be able to draw on different experiences; we have lots of highly intelligent people with specific expertise... Some people are walking encyclopedias of nature and wildlife!”
  • “Here, both leaders and staff at all levels are approachable.”
  • “People are serious about their work—but they do it by having fun.”
  • “Everyone is positive and focused on solutions. There’s a willingness to help one another, share knowledge and drive change.”

Find out more about some of our amazing people.

Here at the department, you’ll find so many passionate, curious people who enjoy supporting and learning from each other and collaborating to find a way forward. Be part of something that truly matters. Discover the next step in your career now.

Diverse, interesting work and experiences

You’ll experience so much here. For some, it’s about doing or supporting interesting, fulfilling work. For others, it’s about experiencing unique environments. For most of us, however, it starts with our wonderful people and the rich, diverse perspectives they bring.

Photo of Alex Peters

Alex Peters

Either way, whatever your role with us, we hope it will inspire you and bring out your best.

Here's what our people tell us about working with us:

  • “I’ve never considered another job because my role is always different and keeps changing; I could be wrangling crocs one day and flying drones another.”
  • “Working in this field is applied science—not pure science. It’s highly specialised. You can’t find this anywhere else; there’s nothing like it.”
  • “I’m really excited for the future. I’m working on organic composting, biofuels, food recovery and ‘Paddock to Plate’… There are huge opportunities in this space.”
  • “My work is so interesting. I get to work across many teams within the department, while also collaborating with private industry and non-government organisations. You don’t get bored because there’s variety in every single day.”

The department has a broad scope of responsibility. That means opportunities to take initiative and to collaborate across business units. Many of our people love the new and varied work and experiences that our department offers them.

Ready to help shape a better Queensland for today and tomorrow? Discover your career with us.

Opportunities to learn, discover and grow

Whatever your role with the department, there are many opportunities for those who seek them. Our teams and our working environments are diverse and so are the ways each of us achieves personal and professional growth.

Photo of Shannon Henderson

Shannon Henderson

Whatever your role with the department, there are many opportunities for those who seek them. Our teams and our working environments are diverse, and so are the ways each of us achieves personal and professional growth. As with many employers, promotions aren’t always as frequent as we’d like. However, you should always be able to see opportunities to develop yourself and progress your career.

Here's what our people tell us about working with us:

  • “We have access to hundreds of courses via our online learning system covering all areas of the department—there’s really something for everyone.”
  • “I feel really lucky. I have a lot of freedom to contribute to the design of the role.”
  • “Working at the department is what you make of it—use initiative and take opportunities!”
  • "It’s not always vertical, but there are lots of opportunities: short-term contracts, secondments, training and upskilling across business units.”
  • “People can progress sideways and move to other areas in the department.”
  • “My managers know I’m interested in leadership, so I’m receiving coaching and mentoring. I have a formal plan and informal check-ins. I still have so much to accomplish here.”

Read about some of our people’s career journeys with us.

With the breadth of our responsibility as a department, your curiosity and initiative will be rewarded with opportunities to upskill in ways you may never have anticipated. Along the road, you’ll broaden your horizons and gain knowledge that could take your career in new directions; it’s a matter of staying open and being willing to learn. If you love to learn and grow, explore your future with us today.

A collaborative, innovative environment

We want you to feel connected, supported and heard. And we want you to learn as much as you contribute. Like any government department, we do have some quite formal processes… and no, we’re not always free of red tape. However, so many of our people are innovating and discovering every day.

Photo of Damon Shearer and Andrew Congram

Damon Shearer and Andrew Congram

That means stepping up, embracing the expertise and cultural knowledge of others, and engaging with risk to make informed decisions. It also means enabling a workplace where it’s ok to try and to stumble, in order to make progress.  

Here's what our people tell us about working with us:

  • “Here, our focus is on the journey just as much as the destination. We’re not focused only on the end product or delivery—but HOW we go about it. The department encourages us to engage with stakeholders and adapt to their changing needs over time. It’s not about taking the fastest route but working towards the best outcome for everyone.”
  • “We try to work with other organisations as though they are fellow team members, rather than as client/contractor-based relationships.”
  • “My job IS innovation. I live it. I’m managing weird and wonderful projects like improving coral abundance and cloud brightening to reduce heat stress on coral. Some parts of the department are developing innovations which will become tools for other business units of the department.”
  • “My ideas are welcome here.”

Opportunities with us

Keen to be involved with our work? Explore our current job vacancies, volunteering opportunities, tertiary education placements, or graduate and gap year programs.

If you can’t find a relevant opportunity today but are interested in working with the department, you can register on Smart Jobs to receive notifications when roles become available. You can also tailor your job search profile by using keywords, such as 'Environmental Officer' or 'Ranger', or by using the 'Location', ‘Occupational group’ or other fields.

Find out more about the different types of roles and benefits of employment under information for applicants.