Tanara Hinschen - Bachelor of Animal Ecology

Image of Tanara Hinschen

Tanara Hinschen

Tanara is completing a Bachelor of Animal Ecology. As part of her industry placement, she worked with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) on its Value Based Management Framework. This conservation management project saw Tanara undertaking values assessments, participating in planning workshops, field-based activities, and compiling and analysing data.

Tanara assisted at planning workshops, drafted planning documents and worked through health check data which is critical to future values reporting and park management decision-making.

Tanara’s feedback on her placement experience:

Is/has the placement been relevant to your studies?

The Values Based Management Framework (VBMF) is an exciting strategy for preserving natural habitats and maintaining biodiversity in Queensland’s parks. It fundamentally aligns with the principles of conservation science to which the Bachelor of Animal Ecology also adheres to, for the purpose of understanding and protecting biodiversity systems in nature.

What have you learnt?

While with QPWS, I have spent time conducting surveys in parks and discovering the magnificent ecosystems we are striving to protect. I have also attended workshops where field officers and technical support staff work together to build comprehensive management directives. I have learned how the input from many different staff, both in and out of the field, work together to help conserve parks.

What have you enjoyed the most?

I have really enjoyed meeting so many friendly, intelligent, and passionate people. They have kindly shared their precious time, knowledge and love of Queensland’s parks.

Which three (3) words would best describe your placement experience?

Diverse, enjoyable, encouraging.

“Tanara was always enthusiastic and engaged while learning as much as she could in the office or out in the field. Her placement made a fantastic contribution to the team.” — Jo Zadkovich, industry placement supervisor.