Jessica Frost - Bachelor of Social Science

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Jessica Frost

Jessica’s industry placement was with the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) where she was involved in conducting policy analysis and research for a project contributing to the development of a Queensland Protected Area Strategy.

Jessica brought specialist knowledge to the workplace from her social science degree, majoring in Aboriginal studies, with a focus on traditional methods of land conservation and protection. Jess was able to use her specialist research skills to undertake a specific project, which was directly relevant to the team’s broader policy agenda.

Jess’s feedback on her placement experience:

Is/has the placement been relevant to your studies?

Yes; partaking in a placement as part of my Bachelor of Social Science degree was exceedingly beneficial to develop my understanding of the procedures and operations of public policy. It gave me great insight into potential career pursuits and aspirations.

What have you learnt?

I have furthered my understanding regarding the processes of policy and strategy development as a direct result of placement and developed an in-depth awareness of the operations of State Government.

What have you enjoyed the most?

I enjoyed making a contribution to future prospects and sharing my knowledge with policy developers in order to make changes. The team I worked with were so inviting and I enjoyed creating relationships with them and understanding their roles.

Which three words would best describe your placement experience?

Welcoming, beneficial and accepting.

“Jessica was a valuable contributor in our workplace; she really made a great impression on the team, particularly in terms of her knowledge base, and general friendliness.”— Fiona Coombes, industry placement supervisor.