Industry placements

We recognise the importance of providing opportunities for tertiary students to enhance their study with practical work experience. The department offers work-integrated learning opportunities through our Industry Placement Program.

Eligibility requirements

There are several criteria to participate in the Program:

  1. Students must be enrolled with an Australian tertiary education provider.
  2. The student’s tertiary education provider must have appropriate Public Liability insurance.
  3. Students must be enrolled in a subject which requires them to undertake an industry placement.
  4. Students must:
    1. be an Australian citizen; or
    2. reside in Australia and have permission or a right to be granted permission, under Commonwealth law, to remain in Australia indefinitely; or
    3. be a New Zealand citizen who is currently residing in Australia; or
    4. have a working visa for the duration of the placement.

Overseas students are welcome to seek volunteer opportunities as applicable.

Industry placement success stories

  • Tanara Hinschen - Bachelor of Animal Ecology
    Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Value Based Management Framework.
  • Jake Elward - Environmental science, marine science and management
    Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, impacts of campground use.
  • Melanie Sullivan - Bachelor of Animal Ecology
    Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Pandanus monitoring survey program.
  • Jessica Frost - Bachelor of Social Science
    Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Protected Area Strategy.
  • Queenie Fensham - Bachelor of Environmental Management
    Environmental Policy Planning, Climate Change.

If you are interested in an industry placement with us and want to apply:

  • register your interest by emailing
  • keep your eye on opportunities advertised through your tertiary institutions Careers and Employment Service.