Department overview

Our department recognises the enormous value a clean environment, innovative society and economy, and vibrant culture contributes to our lives.

As a diverse organisation, the department brings together key areas of work to achieve our objectives for a better Queensland.

As part of our commitment to eliminating domestic and family violence in Queensland, the department is working towards becoming a White Ribbon Australia accredited workplace.



  • protect and manage our parks, forests and the Great Barrier Reef for current and future generations
  • enhance Queensland’s ecosystems
  • protect significant heritage places
  • avoid, minimise or mitigate impacts to the environment.



  • lead the development of science strategy for government
  • deliver scientific expertise to protect and manage our environment and natural resource base
  • support the development of Queensland’s science sector.



  • foster a community of the arts and facilitate growth of the arts and cultural sector
  • support arts and cultural growth through partnerships, programs and events
  • invest in all levels of the arts and cultural sector
  • grow Queensland’s cultural reputation and cultural tourism offering.