We are proud to have partnered with Radio 4EB to bring you four podcast episodes across the month of August.

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Allyship in Multicultural Queensland: Building bridges, fostering inclusion

8 August

In this episode, we explore the concept of allyship and its significance in creating a truly inclusive and supportive community. Learn about the role of allies in supporting marginalised communities, promoting understanding, and dismantling barriers. Together we can discover the power of allyship, and how it can contribute to a more united and compassionate Queensland for all.

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Embracing Diversity: building an Anti-Racist Queensland

15 August

In this episode, we delve into the journey of Queensland’s multicultural community and explore the challenges of racism and its prevention. Join us as we engage in enlightening conversations with individuals, experts, and community leaders who are actively working towards creating an inclusive and anti-racist society. Discover inspiring stories, practical strategies, and initiatives aimed at fostering understanding, empathy, and unity across cultures in Queensland. Together, we can build a Queensland that celebrates diversity and stands firmly against racism.

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Cultural Connections: Navigating Intercultural Encounters

23 August

In this episode, we delve into the richness of intercultural encounters and explore the art of navigating these diverse interactions with respect and understanding. We share captivating stories and insights from individuals who have embraced and celebrated differences and fostered meaningful connections with others from various backgrounds. We provide practical tips and strategies for effectively handling intercultural encounters, overcoming cultural barriers, and promoting harmony in our diverse community.

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Representation Matters: Diversity and inclusion in Queensland’s media landscape

29 August

How can media platforms amplify diverse narratives, promote inclusivity and accurately represent the diverse voices and faces of Queensland’s multicultural community? In this episode, discover the challenges and opportunities in achieving genuine representation and learn about innovative initiatives and best practices that can lead to a more inclusive media landscape.

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