Get involved

Want to take part in the largest celebration of multiculturalism in Queensland? Here are some of the ways you can participate.

Events and festivals

Discover events and festivals that are taking place across the state or organise your own event and invite your community to join.

Share your story

Promote cultural diversity by sharing your own story. Include the #MQM23 hashtag on your social channels to spread the word about why multiculturalism matters and why we all benefit from diversity. See what others are doing.

Listen and learn

While celebrating multiculturalism through festivals and events, food, music and performances, remember it is equally important to listen, learn and share. Open a conversation and be curious, educate yourself and avoid assumptions. That is how we can create a lasting change in our society and make everyone feel welcome in Queensland. During Multicultural Month we’ll be delivering a series of free webinars and podcasts.

Need more practical tips? Here are some other ways to put inclusion into action:

Host a dinner—sharing a meal with people of diverse cultural backgrounds enables everyone to not only share food, but also their stories so they feel valued and heard.

Hold a morning or afternoon tea—facilitate a morning or afternoon tea at your workplace during the month to raise awareness among staff about the benefits of diversity within your workplace.

Trivia night—host a trivia night and include questions about cultural diversity.

Read a book or watch a film—gain more insight into different cultures or faiths by reading books or watching movies by authors and directors from different backgrounds. Storytelling is an accessible and enjoyable way to develop cross-cultural understanding.

Learn a language—sign up for a course in a language that you always wanted to learn or download Duolingo, an app that can help you learning basics or practice your acquired knowledge.

Start a conversation—we have all had different experiences in our lives, why not start a conversation with a new Queenslander in your community about their experiences. Instead of starting a conversation about difference (“where are you from?”) consider asking about a point of similarity (“Are your kids enjoying school?”).

Join a local group or meet-up—this is a great way to find other people with interests similar to yours. Meet-ups are generally formed around a topic or interest and will set a time to meet, share, or join local events and activities together. Also, check out InterNations, a network of expats and locals who come together to connect and expand their networks.