Search Diversity Queensland

Search Diversity Queensland is an easy to use online educational and engagement tool that contains data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics Census of Population and Housing, and features:

  • easy to understand statistical information about Queensland's cultural diversity
  • ability to explore various aspects of Local Government Areas (LGAs) including ancestry, birthplace, religion and language
  • an interactive map outlining LGAs and state electorates
  • ability to export profile reports in a range of different formats for more detailed information
  • ability to explore age distributions, family compositions and other socioeconomic indicators.

Through easier access to diversity information, we can get a better understanding of who we are as Queenslanders and harness the remarkable benefits cultural diversity offers.

Explore the Search Diversity Queensland tool.

The Search Diversity Queensland tool is being updated with 2021 Census data which will be available shortly. As the search list is not currently exhaustive to explore any search metrics not covered by the tool, try the SBS Australian Census Explorer. The SBS-compiled data include results from the 2021 Census.

Diversity figures snapshot and report

In addition to the Search Diversity Queensland interactive search tool, the Queensland Government compiled the Diversity Figures Snapshot and accompanying Diversity Figures Report to illustrate the unique features of our diverse population.

The report and snapshot bring together core demographic and diversity data from the ABS 2021 Census of Population and Housing.

There are several social and cultural characteristics featured in the Diversity Figures Report including:

  • country of birth of overseas born people in Queensland
  • geographic distribution of Queensland's diverse population
  • language spoken other than English, and English proficiency
  • religious affiliation and ancestry of Queensland's population
  • education and employment characteristics.

Download documents

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QGSO Regional Profiles

The Queensland Government Statisticians Office Regional Profiles for Queensland are informative statistical reports on a range of Queensland community types including local government areas down to Statistical Area Level 2 (SA2) (broadly equivalent to suburb size in urban areas).

These reports are generated automatically using the latest demographic, social and economic data available including: resident population; population by age and sex; country of birth; proficiency in spoken English; religious affiliation; family composition and highest level of schooling.

Community regions can be selected individually, or easily combined to create customised regions or catchments for profiling.

Further information on Queensland Regional Profiles can be found at Queensland Regional Profiles (Queensland Government Statistician's Office, Queensland Treasury).

Australian South Sea Islanders in Queensland, Census 2021

The Queensland Government Statistician’s Office has released a profile on Australian South Sea Islanders in Queensland (PDF). This publication uses Australian Bureau of Statistics Census of Population and Housing 2021 data to present key characteristics of Queensland’s usual resident population of persons reporting Australian South Sea Islander ancestry.