Strategic partnerships

We know that innovation is always more successful when we develop strong partnerships with our stakeholders. One of our most important priorities is building networks between government, industry, researchers, investors and innovators.

We are leading the way connecting corporates and government to Queensland technologies and innovative businesses, and supporting universities and industry to work together.

Working with government agencies and in partnership with industry, businesses, universities, startups, investors and the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur, our department:

  • leads and delivers the Advance Queensland innovation initiative
  • develops strategies and capabilities for delivering the Queensland Government priorities outlined in the Our Future State: Advancing Queensland Priorities
  • creates pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and innovators through the Advance Queensland Deadly Innovation Strategy
  • connects corporates to leading-edge Queensland businesses through the Corporate Innovation Network
  • delivers the Regional Futures initiative that supports innovators and strengthens innovation networks across regional Queensland through a combination of competitive funding, targeted investment and support provided in collaboration with key partners.

Our programs and partnerships are creating opportunities for Queenslanders to connect, collaborate and grow and driving innovation-led economic growth.

We are fostering innovation and entrepreneurialism, helping translate ideas into commercial success and creating pathways for new businesses and jobs for Queenslanders.

Strategic partnerships are vital for economic success. By working together, we all get the best outcomes for Queensland’s innovation economy.