Terms of use

The Department of Environment and Science (DES) social media sites are public forums. To ensure everyone can participate without being exposed to inappropriate content, offensive language or discriminatory views we have guidelines which you must follow.

Please be aware that once you post any information online, there is a potential for unlimited access and/or dissemination of such information, unlimited by time. As a result, we strongly suggest that you exercise caution when posting information on our or any social media sites. We may also be obliged to store certain information posted on our social media sites.

By joining, using or participating in any of the department’s social media you have agreed to adhere to the following guidelines.

Do not post:

  • anything inflammatory, vexatious, offensive or otherwise inappropriate
  • anything about matters currently before Queensland Courts or Tribunals
  • spam for example other people's appeals, requests or offers
  • in order to promote a business or other commercial interest
  • content or comments of a political nature
  • offensive material or language or a link to offensive material
  • any personal or sensitive information about others that would reveal their identity.

Any comments that contradict these guidelines will be removed, and people with repeated violations may be blocked from all of our social media channels. Our employees should adhere to the department’s code of conduct when posting anything on social networking sites such as Facebook.

Social media disclaimer

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We accept no responsibility for decisions or actions taken as a result of any data, information, statement or advice, expressed or implied, being contained within. We recommend that you exercise your own skill and care with respect to your use of information or material posted on social media and that you carefully evaluate the accuracy, currency, completeness and relevance of the material contained on social media or any linked website.

The department reserves the sole right to review, edit and/or delete any comments it deems are inappropriate.

By submitting content to any of the department’s social media sites, you understand and acknowledge that this information is available to the public and as such, is considered a public record.