Subscribing to feeds

Feeds, also known as “RSS feeds”, “XML feeds” or “news feeds”, can help you to keep up-to-date with information from the Department of Environment and Science website.

    Media releases

    The media releases feed lists recent media releases from the department. They are also available from Media releases.

    Park alerts

    The park alerts RSS feed contains updates on access to, and track and facility conditions in, Queensland’s parks and forests. These updates are also available on the park alerts page or by following @QldParkAlerts on Twitter.

    Separate feeds for each region are also available:

    Park conditions reports

    RSS feeds are available for K'gari (Fraser Island), Cooloola (including Inskip Peninsula) and Moreton Island conditions reports:

    How to subscribe

    Feeds, also known as “RSS feeds”, “XML feeds” or “news feeds”, can be viewed using some browsers or by using a feed reader (also known as feed aggregator) software.

    Different feed reader software have different methods for subscribing to a new feed, but it commonly involves copying the URL of the feed using the 'Copy' command from your browser's 'Edit' menu.

    Some browsers support subscribing to new feeds simply by following a link to the feed.