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    1. Immediate danger? Call 000 (Triple Zero) immediately.

      Visit crocodile sightings (CrocWatch) for more information.

      Visit camping bookings and fees for more information.

      Visit vehicle access permits for more information.

      Visit Arts Queensland for more information.

      Visit Youth for more information.

    2. If your enquiry is about ‘National parks’.
    3. If your enquiry is about ‘Wildlife’.
    4. If your enquiry is about ‘Regulation and pollution’.
    5. If your enquiry is about ‘Environmental authorities’.
    6. If your enquiry is about ‘Waste management and operations’.
    7. If your enquiry is about ‘Science, data and technology’.
    8. If your enquiry is about ‘Administration and corporate services’.
    9. If your enquiry is about ‘Heritage’.
    10. Visit parks and forests for more information.

      Visit parks licences and permits for more information.

      Visit our Great Walks of Queensland for more information.

      Visit working for DES for more information on employment in the department.

      Find out more about stock permits for national parks.

      Read about dogs and pets in national parks for more information.

      View all current environmental authority application or amendment documents, including mining lease and petroleum and gas lease applications.

      Contact RSPCA or phone 1300 264 625 (1300 ANIMAL) to report injured, sick or orphaned wildlife (other than crocodiles and cassowaries or marine mammals).

      See wildlife enquiries for more contact options regarding wildlife.

      Report cruelty to RSPCA.

      Read our Nest to Ocean Turtle Protection Program for information on methods used to increase sustainability of turtle populations in coastal Queensland.

      Report sightings of marine wildlife in the Great Barrier Reef.

      Report a marine animal strike, marine stranding or an injured, sick or dead turtle, dugong, dolphin or whale to 1300 130 372.

      Our marine strandings reports provides regular updates on stranded dugongs, marine turtles and humpback whales.

      Report cruelty involving koalas to RSPCA Qld or to report other harm to koalas, see general wildlife enquiries.

      Please note, until further notice no volunteer or student placements are being accepted at Daisy Hill Koala Centre or the Moggill Koala Rehabilitation Centre.

      More information on koala conservation can be found through Koala conservation and Koala legislation and policy.

      Our species lists information provides access to the species profile search which allows for searching for species to locate information for Queensland’s native and naturalised priority plant and animal species names, status, species notes, images and the ability to download records in three formats (KML, CSV and GeoJson).

      If you seek assistance with identifying an insect, spider, mammal, bird, reptile or fish, visit the Queensland Museum’s website.

      Find out more about Living with wildlife and Discovering wildlife.

      If you seek assistance with identifying an insect, spider, mammal, bird, reptile or fish, visit Queensland Museum.

      Find out more about stock permits for national parks.

      Read about dogs and pets in national parks for more information.

      For more information read our compliance and management and regulation information.

      Visit penalty infringement notices for more information.

      Visit environment and pollution management for more information.

      Report the illegal littering and dumping or if no number plate is available email us your report.

      Read more about asbestos removal work and guidelines.

      Visit our waste reduction initiatives for more information.

      Visit our waste disposal levy for more information.

      Visit our environment licences and permits information for more information.

      Visit our waste strategy for more information.

      Visit Queensland’s waste disposal levy to read about the department’s commitment to ensure that the levy will not have a direct impact on households and how it applies to households not covered by the advance payment to local councils, i.e. those with commercial waste collection arrangements.

      Visit our waste tracking obligations information for more information.

      See Single-use plastic items ban for more information.

      Visit Air quality monitoring for more information.

      Visit Water monitoring and data for more information.

      Visit Soil management for more information.

      Visit Wave monitoring sites and Storm surge monitoring sites for more information.

      Read about the Queensland Herbarium for more information.

      Visit SILO climate data for more information.

      Queensland Science provides information on research, investment, partnership, commercialisation, education and grants.

      Find out about working for DES.

      If you are sending an invoice or statement to DES, please ensure the specific person or business area is included in your submission. More information is available at DES finances.

      Visit DES procurement for more information

      Read the latest DES news and media releases.

      Access government information through our right to information process.

      Visit Queensland Heritage for more information.

      Visit World heritage areas for more information.

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