Climate science and information

Quality climate science and economic analyses are critical to support decision makers in their efforts to manage climate risk and identify emerging opportunities.

The Queensland Government has invested heavily in climate science and resources to ensure all Queenslanders have free access to the best available information to make important decisions.

Government action

  • Actions

    • The Queensland Future Climate Dashboard provides an easy-to-use, map-based interface to climate projection data for Queensland, including a wide range of climate parameters for two different emissions scenarios and multiple time horizons. The dashboard allows users to explore, visualise and download the latest high-resolution climate modelling data for specific regions, catchments, disaster areas, local government areas and grid squares.
    • The Queensland Future Climate: Understanding the data web page explains how climate projections work, as well as guidance on how to interpret and apply the projection data to meet your needs.
    • The Queensland Future Climate web resource also provides direct access to high-resolution climate projection data for advanced applications, such as detailed risk assessments and impact modelling.
    • Climate risk management tools are available to help households and small businesses through the climate risk assessment process and support adaptation decisions.
  • Plans

    • A heatwave case study summarises the expected effects of climate change on the frequency and intensity of heatwaves, and the implications these changes may have on our health, lifestyles, infrastructure, services and industries.
    • The potential effects of climate change on our water supply and water security, and how we can manage these, are explored in a water security case study.

The Queensland Government’s commitment to delivering the best climate science and other information is ongoing, and additional resources to support decision making are being developed.

Climate action projects

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What you can do

Community, business and industry are encouraged to take action to harness opportunities in a low carbon future.

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